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The Game & Sport


TRIball is a sport designed to delight and unite athletes of all ages, genders, backgrounds and skill levels. Combining traditional elements of beloved international sports with 21st century values, TRIball is a laughter filled, unique activity that is changing the world, one game at a time.

Over 65,000 global participants have experienced TRIball through school PE classes and organized competitions. These players may have recognized elements and policies from sports as diverse as Australian rules  football and American basketball. They may have found that, for the first time, their gender and experience level had no bearing on their ability to compete or their interactions with teammates. One thing is for sure: TRIball required them to open their mind, strategize and connect with teammates in a new and unique way.

This blend of opportunities, challenges, and lessons make TRIball both a viable option for adult athletes and an ideal "starter sport", for youth, producing the next generation of great athletes.

TRIbal provides athletes new chances to succeed as well as endless entertainment for fans. Its steady growth promises to inspire the formation of new brands and fan allegiances, with exciting merchandise options. TRIball offers sponsors and media channels plenty of spectator engagement opportunities and the chance to become a part of a unique story. Training camps will fill with kids who want to realize their dreams of becoming professional TRIball  players, as teams represent their nations at globally broadcast competitions. TRIball is more than just a game, it’s a movement. How will you impact its path to the mainstream?